“I feel a lot more confident in myself and around others and I have learned a lot.  I would describe this experience as enjoyable and very educating.”


“I would describe my overall learning experience as very good, I got to learn lots of new things, skills and knowledge which I can now use.”


“My overall learning experience here has been great.”


“I am a shy person who lacks confidence when meeting new people.  The biggest challenge I have faced on the course was forcing myself to talk and involve myself in group discussions, but I was able to do this.  I can now talk in front of a group of people without feeling nervous and stupid, which I was not able to do before.”


“I enjoyed my time here.”


“Previously I lacked confidence in meeting new people on the course and interacting with them.  I have got more confident to talk within group discussions.  I would describe my overall learning experience on the course as very good, informative and enjoyable.”


“The course was very informative and constructive.  Very useful.  The teacher Ms Marina was very professional, attentive and helpful throughout the course.  Very knowledgeable.”


“I had low confidence which has greatly improved.  I have enjoyed my time on this course, and have learned a lot.”


“I highly enjoyed the course the coaches were excellent, the material was very well presented and structured.”

Jekaterina, Reading

“I found the course very inspiring and helpful.  My confidence level has improved and I learned very useful skills and techniques. Overall I feel more relaxed and confident.”

“The coaches were very friendly, supportive, and approachable.  They supported theory with very appropriate real-life examples.  Thank you so much !!  Very grateful”

“[The course]  helped me improve on my confidence and self-esteem.  I found the coaches very helpful and attentive and they actually listened to my opinions and gave them merit.”

Michelle, Reading

“The people were very nice and friendly.  I enjoyed the course very much.  Thank you very much for your support and help.”

Valerie, Reading

“I enjoyed the course, I thought that the coaches were friendly and helpful and spoke well.  I will use the skills and advice I’ve gained here.”

Tristan, Reading

“I had a very positive experience.  I really enjoyed the course.  The trainers were clear, polite and helpful and I learned some useful new skills.”

Paul, High Wycombe

“I thought the trainers were very knowledgeable and knew what they were talking about.  They both have obviously a good experience of the job world.”  

Matt, High Wycombe

“I was treated fairly and with respect.  Well played.”

“The course was excellent.  The trainers were polite and understanding.  I feel more positive and more relaxed.  I was treated with respect.  It was also good to listen to other people talking, and make friends with other people on the course.”

Mark, High Wycombe

“Both tutors were very nice.”

Mick, High Wycombe:

“The course went really well.  The tutors were good at teaching the skills.”

Ben, High Wycombe:

“The course was interesting and the tutors were good at communicating the course.”

Colin, Milton Keynes:

“I also found the coaches very helpful and full of information from their own life experiences which helped.”

Tony, Milton Keynes:

“It was nice coming here the trainers were good.  I did not really talk in the group but it was good for me.  It was cool and interesting.”

Darren, Milton Keynes:

“Marina was lovely very well-spoken and a good tutor really liked her.  And had a laugh too.”

Kerri, Milton Keynes

“Really enjoyed the course, do hope there’s more to come.”