About Us

Once anxiety or depression have hit, sufferers tend to seek either prescribed medication or therapy. However, both these approaches are based on the idea that there’s ‘something wrong’ with you and you need to be ‘fixed’ by an expert.   

We prefer a new approach. The majority of these problems result, not from there being anything ‘wrong’ with people, but simply because no one taught us the thinking skills to enable us to cope with the turmoil inherent in modern life. Developing the capacity to deal with the challenge of living in a stressful, ever-changing world is now more important than ever. We work in partnership with our students, empowering them to do just that. Not only do we enable our trainees to overcome anxiety, depression, or anger if they already suffer, our optimum wellbeing courses also teach people how to prevent themselves ever having these problems in the first place. Prevention is always better than cure. Why wait to be hit by full-blown stress, anxiety and depression, and have to face the consequences of those, when we can learn simple skills that enable us to ride whatever storm life can throw and keep us in tip-top mental and emotional wellbeing throughout our whole life. We can retain equanimity and peace of mind no matter what happens and perform at our best in every area of life.