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Maintaining Tip-top Emotional & Mental Health

5th December 2019

Leyo – Lead Yourself to Happiness – is all about mental and emotional health and wellbeing ….. and helping people overcome their opposites – stress, anxiety, and depression. These have now reached epidemic proportions in the western world. This makes this topic of interest and importance to everyone. [...more]

4h December 2019

Emotional intelligence is a bit of a buzz word nowadays, but because it’s a fairly new concept there is still some confusion over what it really is. It was first coined in 1990 after psychologists became increasingly concerned with how little traditional intelligence tests told us about one’s success in life. Daniel Goleman brought the term to public knowledge with the publication of his detailed and brilliant book, Emotional Intelligence, in 1995. [...more]

Maintaining Tip-top Emotional & Mental Health

3rd December 2019

In the late 20th century, it was becoming more and more apparent that traditional measures of intelligence, or IQ, were unreliable as a predictor of success in life. In fact, it is not uncommon to find someone with an IQ of 160 (near-genius level) working for someone with an IQ of 100 (absolutely average). [...more]

2nd December 2019

What do us and the planet have to do with emotional intelligence? One way of describing emotional intelligence is our ability to override our animal instincts. Our animal or emotional brain, being the most powerful part of the brain, has the upper hand at birth and as babies. Think of infants – when they’re happy they are so joyful they hug and kiss everything in sight. [...more]